by Bullseye.

Bullseye Fan from Seattle, Washington, USA.

My name is Glen Huff and I am the President of Seattle’s steel-tip darts league ( Emerald City Darting Organization ) ECDO, , and I am writing this note to recommend the episode of the UK darts game show “Bullseye” that you can view online at

I heartily recommend the show “Bullseye” to any darts players here in the US. The episode of “Bullseye” that Andrew Wood provided on the link was great fun to watch. The show “Bullseye” played a huge role in the growth and success of steel-tip darts during the late 1970′s to the present day, in the UK, and was never shown in the US. I hope that we have an American version of Bullseye on TV here in the US, and I am very confident it will help promote the growth of the sport of darts here in the US as it had done in the UK. If you do watch the clip, and find it entertaining and fun as I have, please spread the word to your friends and other league members of your league.

(Please note the video mentioned above is no longer available for viewing)

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