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Dan & Danielle

Dan & Danielle

One of my faveroute shows as a kid always made me laugh and the weekend was never complete without a bit of bully. So good to see it back on Challenge T.V Still funny, still fresh and still relevant.
Here’s wishing for a new series, come on T.V execs make it happen!

Chris Tarrant

Chris Tarrant

Host of ITV’s quiz show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Jim Bowen and I spent a lot of time at ATV studios in Birmingham together – in fact he was the only person who spent more time in the bar than I did.

He’s a great bloke and Bullseye was probably one of the most slagged-off shows of all time and yet continued to get huge ratings week after week for many years.

One of the proudest moments of my life was when Jim actually gave – yes gave – me a free “Bully” keyring.

Dean Chisnall

Dean Chisnall

Starring as ‘Shrek’ in the hit Musical ‘Shrek’ at The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London.

“Sundays just aren’t the same without a bit of bully! The ultimate game show for the whole family.

It’s high time we got it back on our screens. I used to dream of winning that speedboat!

They don’t make game shows like they used to. Long live ‘Bullseye’!”

Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor

Phil Taylor

15 Times World Darts Champion

Best wishes to all my fans and all Bullseye fans. My favourite TV Game Show!

Daryl ‘The Dazzler’ Fitton

Darryl Fitton

Never been as nervous as I was when I appeared on Bullseye ! Please bring it back !

Trina ‘Golden Girl’ Gulliver

Trina Gulliver

Nine times Ladies World Champion.

My favourite game show, I love it and I always enjoyed working with Tony Green on the Bullseye Road Show.


Phil Daniels

Phil Daniels

Actor most noted for film roles as Jimmy in Quadrophenia, Richards in Scum and Kevin Wicks in EastEnders.

Bring Back Bully!!

I’m fed up of watching a load of mercenary overpaid footballers on Sunday afternoons. Bring back the good old days when professional & amateur join forces to throw darts & answer not so high-brow questions & win proper prizes, like 250 quid, mini metros & fondue sets. We want Bullseye back.

Scott Gorham

Scott Gorham

Legendary guitarist of the superstar rock group Thin Lizzy.

Back in the 80′s when I played darts (hey, I was always in the pub) Bullseye was a fun show to watch, especially watching the “non dart playing” contestants. Some of these people looked like they didn’t know which end to throw at the dartboard. Jim Bowen was great and the fabulously expensive prizes were a hoot.

Bring Bullseye back, nice one… I’ll have the “fishing row boat” and the “juice blender” please Jim. And hey!!!..” Where’s my Bully Tankard??”

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