Rosemary Leach

What a piece of the great British institution. I’ve only just rediscovered Dave Spikey, “great comedian” written right through the middle of him is a superb host , Tony Green, the human ready reckoner (who hasn’t aged in 30 years) and Bully, a national icon, on Sat. TV. every morning that its on, I tune in before I go to work. The prizes are as noteworthy as ever!! The whole show looks like its a family day out (does that make sense, but I’m sure you get my meaning). Carry on for the next 30 years. Rosemary.

Steve and Elaine Clark

Bullseye Fans

Both my wife and I really enjoyed Bullseye and as keen darts players spent plenty of time trying to hit 101 with 6 arrows. Its great.

PS. We have our BFH!

Matt Brown

Matt Brown

Bullseye Fan from Hong Kong

Thank you for the opportunity of reuniting online me with a show I grew up with in the UK. Time has passed so quickly but one thing has remained constant, You Can’t Beat A Bit Of Bully.

Chris Mills

Chris Mills

Bullseye Fan from Paphos, Cyprus

Being a keen darts player, Bullseye was essential viewing. It’s timing on a Sunday teatime was just right and it was a half-hour of good entertainment. The rapore between Jim Bowen and the contestants was always interesting, although Jim didn’t always appear to know what was going on (a false impression I’m sure).

It would be great if this could come to sunny Cyprus where I now live, darts is enjoying a boom amongst ex-pats and Cypriots alike, especially in the Paphos area.

Karl Milner

Bullseye Fan from Bulldog’s Bar & Grill, Hong Kong

I am glad I have been re-united with the show I enjoyed as a little whipper snapper. I remember dad used to play it on Beta Max and he had the whole family enthralled. Mum used to giggle a lot which had us going as well. I have seen about 20 episodes in the last 2 days and the amount of memories that have flooded back and brought a gentle tear to my eye are priceless, I would like to thank you from my bottom of my heart for putting Bullseye online.

Bobby Fowler

Bobby Fowler

Bullseye Fan from Somerset

I am a great fan of Bullseye and have been watching it since childhood. It’s the best game show on TV.

Please bring Bullseye back on Sunday afternoons and if you do I would like to be one of its first contestants.

Darren Kerley

Bullseye Fan from County Louth, Ireland

Class show I love watching the old reruns with Jim! Please try and get the show back up and running again and please keep the same format, you can’t beat a bit of bully!!!

Ronnie and Shannon

We have been watching Bully since forever, love the show! am a keen darts supporter and watch all the events, BDO, PDC, ect… always dreamed of standing at the oche on Bullseye!!

Craig Johnson

Bullseye Fan from London

Great show, this should be back on! it’s a Classic something my whole family can watch and enjoy. This is what TV needs! There is a new generation that loves watching and playing darts, it makes sense, and it can only boost the popularity of this sport even more. Bring Back the BULLY!

Glen Huff

Bullseye Fan from Seattle, Washington, USA.

My name is Glen Huff and I am the President of Seattle’s steel-tip darts league ( Emerald City Darting Organization ) ECDO, , and I am writing this note to recommend the episode of the UK darts game show “Bullseye” that you can view online at

I heartily recommend the show “Bullseye” to any darts players here in the US. The episode of “Bullseye” that Andrew Wood provided on the link was great fun to watch. The show “Bullseye” played a huge role in the growth and success of steel-tip darts during the late 1970′s to the present day, in the UK, and was never shown in the US. I hope that we have an American version of Bullseye on TV here in the US, and I am very confident it will help promote the growth of the sport of darts here in the US as it had done in the UK. If you do watch the clip, and find it entertaining and fun as I have, please spread the word to your friends and other league members of your league.

(Please note the video mentioned above is no longer available for viewing)

Jim, Philip and Trina

Bullseye Fans from Daytona Beach, Florida, USA.

Bullseye is a really cool show. It needs to be on TV here in the States…as soon as possible! and while that’s being accomplished, how about a version for the U.S and the rest of the world? For the U.S version, you might want to include headshots of politicians and Bank CEO’S in the red areas…it would soon become the new National pastime!

Alan Corb

Bullseye Fan from Queensland, Australia

I have just watched Bullseye online and loved it! Would be great to have it on TV in Australia….If your looking for a host I’m your man!

Jamie Cooper

Bullseye Fan from London

I absolutely loved Bullseye as a young kid in the 80’s; I love to watch the repeats now. Jim Bowen is a legend. Bring back BE for the nation!!

Ron ‘Skull’ Fenton

Ron Fenton

Bullseye Fan from Queensland, Australia

I watched the game show Bullseye online today. Great for dart players and for all the family to enjoy. What a super show. If we had the Bullseye game on TV here in Australia it would do more for darts then we have seen in 30 years like Crackerjack did for lawn bowls. Bring on Bullseye.

Steve Povey

Steve Povey

Bullseye Fan from Cheshire

The Bullseye format will never age. It will still be a massive hit today. And yes, I would love to be on it!

Helen Robinson

Bullseye Fan from London

I used to love watching Bullseye on ITV when I was younger, it’s such a great show! I’d love to see it back on terrestrial TV, are there any plans for a return?

Bring Back Bully!!

David Pepper

Bullseye Fan from Staffordshire

You have got to get a new series of Bullseye on mainstream TV, darts is already growing in popularity and if Bullseye was back on TV it would help the sport grow even bigger!!!!!

Helen Donovan-Wildey

Bullseye Fan from Florida. USA

Time for CHANGE in America ! Bring Bullseye to the States as a STIMULUS program. People here will love it.

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